Department Recognition: Cecilia Jevitt

The Department would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Cecilia Jevitt for her five-year tenure as the director of the UBC Midwifery Program. As of September 1, Dr. Jevitt has handed over the role to Dr. Kellie Thiessen. Since 2018, Dr. Jevitt has led the program through a number of incredible accomplishments and substantial growth.

Below are some of the impressive accomplishments the Midwifery Program has reached under Dr. Jevitt’s leadership:

  • The establishment of the Advanced Placement Plan for Registered Nurses, which enables most RN applicants to transfer up to 27 previously-earned credits – reducing the costs and time required to complete the 143-credit Midwifery Program
  • The establishment of the online Distributed Option in Midwifery Education (DOME), allowing incoming year one students who live outside the Lower Mainland to attend all year one courses from their home community
  • The successful accreditation of the Midwifery Program with both the Canadian Association for Midwifery Education and the BC College of Nurses and Midwives
  • The establishment of the Midwifery Program expansion from 20 to 32 incoming students a year, and the development of the new Fraser Health cohort for UBC Midwifery
  • The expansion of the Internationally Educated Midwives Bridging Program – doubling seats from 8 to 16 per year

In addition to these achievements for the program, Dr. Jevitt is considered an expert in many areas of reproductive health and clinical practice. You can read her recent report, “Management of Labor and Delivery to Reduce Risk for Cesarean Birth in Women with Obesity,” here.

Cele at the 20th anniversay celebration
Pictured centre: Dr. Cecilia Jevitt

While these successes are indeed significant, she is most recognized by faculty, staff and colleagues for her inspiring leadership and professionalism as Program Director. From the start of her tenure at UBC, Dr. Jevitt has tirelessly championed the members of the UBC Midwifery team in their personal growth within the program and the achievement of professional goals.

Thank you, Dr. Jevitt, for everything you have done for the department, for the program and for the midwifery profession.  

For more of Dr. Jevitt’s publications and achievements, see below: