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  • A Postpartum Harm Thoughts Educational Infographic

    By: Nichole Fairbrother Unwanted intrusive thoughts of infant-related harm are a ubiquitous phenomenon. Unwanted, intrusive thoughts of accidental harm (what if something happens to my baby) are reported by almost all new birthing parents, and unwanted, intrusive thoughts of harming one’s infant on purpose are reported by fully one half of all birthing parents. Although…

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  • Dr. Nichole Fairbrother Attends House of Commons Standing Committee on Health

    Dr. Nichole Fairbrother was invited to appear before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health in Ottawa last Thursday. She served on a panel for women’s mental health as one of only a small number of perinatal mental health scientists. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health studies issues that relate to Health…

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  • UBC and BC Rural Health Network Address the Gap Between Community Voices and Policy and Decision Making

    Advancing Community Engagement in Healthcare in Rural BC: A gap analysis to improve community involvement in healthcare A recent gap analysis has been published by the UBC Centre for Rural Health Research (Department of Family Practice) and the BC Rural Health Network. The Gap Analysis project was funded by the Social Planning and Research Council…

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