UBC Family Practice Residency Curriculum Mapping App

About the App

In collaboration with the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Digital Solutions EdTech team, the UBC Family Practice Residency Program created a user-friendly and standardized curriculum mapping tool that is consistent across all of our distributed training sites. It is used to map the site-level curriculum to the Program’s expected common curricular outcomes, despite of any variability in curriculum design across training sites. The resulting end product is our Family Medicine Residency Curriculum Mapping App, which has been implemented across the program and its training sites since February 2022.

This tool allows for site-level curriculum maps to be filled out in real-time. It not only directly informs training sites about their curricular strengths and/or deficiencies, but also allows the central program to conduct further curricular data analysis in order to determine where curricular gaps may exist and where resources could potentially be shared across training sites. Read more about the benefits below.

  1. Includes user-friendly, efficient and standardized online mapping process.
  2. Eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets to be filled out for curriculum mapping.
  3. Simplifies mapping process and can be completed in shorter amount of time.
  4. Automatically creates real-time site-level and program-level curriculum reports and dashboard visualizations that assist training sites and the central program in gathering data on strengths, redundancies and/or deficits in curriculum delivery.

Access to the Curriculum Mapping App

We can provide a technical guide and up to two hours of consultation support with the Digital Solutions team in order for users to learn how to build their own version of the Family Practice Residency Curriculum Mapping App.

  • For UBC Faculty of Medicine schools/programs: You can access the app and technical consultation for free by contacting maja.klempner@ubc.ca.
  • For all other UBC schools/programs: You can access the app for free by contacting maja.klempner@ubc.ca. There will be a payment of $150/hr for the Digital Solutions consultation.
  • For non-UBC users: Proceed to payment below ($899 CAD). Once the payment has been received, a member of our team will email you the technical guide and connect you with Digital Solutions for your consultation.