February 2024 Cedar Award: Dr. Caroline Shooner

The Department is proud to recognize Dr. Caroline Shooner as the recipient of the February Cedar Award. Dr. Shooner is a family physician and GP oncologist. She has been living and working on Haida Gwaii for the past twenty years and is grateful to the Haida Nation for their hospitality. As the educational lead at Haida Gwaii Hospital, she is responsible for both medical students and residents rotating at the remote, rural site.

Dr. Shooner is actively involved in local CPD programming and is a simulation enthusiast. She also draws cartoons highlighting the comic side of rural medicine: The Boon Docs.

Her colleague and nominator, Dr. Tracy Morton noted that she is beloved because:

  1. She welcomes all learners with an orientation package, ensuring they get accommodations and an understanding of the community.
  2. She maintains a very nice website for healthcare on Haida Gwaii. https://www.haidagwaiihealth.ca/
  3. She runs all our ER simulations every two weeks (alternating with midwives who facilitate alternate weeks).
  4. She feeds us (!), arranging catering for medical staff meetings.
  5. She arranges for faculty development with Dr. Bill Upward quarterly so we all upskill as preceptors.
  6. She runs a weekly narrative medicine group which most learners join to gain a deeper understanding of the art of medicine and the unique patient journey.
  7. She and her partner Carey Bergman run a monthly community music “coffeehouse” in which the community comes together to share food and play music. Many of our musically inclined learners participate. http://www.haidagwaiicoffeehouse.com/index.html

Please join us in thanking and congratulating Dr. Caroline Shooner!