A Foundation of Wellness in the Department of Family Practice

“Our culture of wellness for residents, patients, students, faculty and staff takes root in the fundamental values of respect, humility, honesty, equity, justice and compassion. From these fundamental values, a supporting structure grows that embraces the foundational principles of transparency, responsiveness, collaboration, inclusion, diversity and safety. As an outcome of these fundamental values and principles, we aspire to an educational community that flourishes with healthy relationships, quality of life, balance and sustainability for all, in which the resident voice has equity with all others, the patient voice is heard, and the whole person is celebrated.”

This video and corresponding poster are the work of the Foundational Pillars of Wellness Working Group, which the Postgraduate Education Committee tasked with identifying and creating a deliverable that demonstrates the program’s wellness principles and values. This volunteer working group was entirely comprised of members (past and present) of the Resident Resilience Committee, UBC Family Medicine Residency Program. The values, principles and outcomes were arrived at through broad consultation within the program and multiple meetings of the working group over a period of four years. The Foundational Pillars of Wellness Working Group collaborated with Sam McGuinness (technical producer with the UBC Faculty of Medicine Digital Solutions) and Erick Griogrovski (an independent graphic artist and animator) resulting in this beautiful video and poster which we are delighted to share.

The video and poster represent the department’s framework of accountability for a thriving educational community.

Decisions, initiatives and actions will be made that are in keeping with the values, principles and outcomes that create a culture of wellness and wellbeing for everyone.