January 2024 Cedar Award: Dr. Alicia Pawluk

This month the Awards Committee is excited to recognize Dr. Alicia Pawluk for the Cedar Award. Dr. Pawluk is the director of Care of the Elderly and a clinical assistant professor who specializes in geriatric addictions and emergency medicine on Vancouver Island. Her work focuses on improving elderly care through both clinical practice and teaching.

In the last year in her role as the director of Community Geriatrics, she has undertaken an extensive strategic visioning process to clarify the committee’s goals and impact. This has involved working with a strategic consultant, interviewing committee members, hosting a retreat and restructuring the committee’s working groups. She has also undertaken the colossal task of revising the committee’s strategic plan.

She is also on the Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee, as she wants to be able to give back to the department by recognizing teaching excellence. Dr. Pawluk is a board member of the Section of Clinical Faculty, which works on promoting clinical teaching and advocating for UBC physician faculty members.

In addition to the above, Dr. Pawluk is a strong advocate for family physicians, both as a member of the Doctors of BC Representative Assembly and as a board member for BC Family Doctors. She is a champion of teaching excellence within the department and is also a fantastic teacher herself.

Congratulations, Dr. Pawluk!