March Cedar Award: Vera Maesen

Vera Maesen is a self-described mother of three, wife, and cyclist, and the undergraduate program manager for the Department of Family Practice. She joined the Faculty of Medicine as an assessment coordinator in 2018 and then took on an interim assignment as the case-based learning manager. She began her current role in 2020, bridging silos within the undergrad program. Given her dedication to learners and the department in general, Vera is the worthy recipient of the March Cedar Award.

Vera has a difficult job that spans two silos in the undergraduate program: year 1-2 within the Faculty of Medicine and year 3-4 within the Department of Family Practice. In everything she does, she manages people with kindness and a sense of calm.

During the summer of 2022, Vera took on the additional task of helping to organize the inaugural first-year student event MedZero. With only a few months to plan, Vera jumped right in, attending meetings at the end of long days because that time allowed more learners to attend. She helped out behind the scenes with many of the details throughout the planning period. Even though she was away the week leading up to the event, settling one of her kids in at university, Vera got off the plane and took a taxi straight out to LSC to attend the event. Her heartfelt commitment to seeing MedZero through is unsurprising to those who have the pleasure of working with her. 

“[Vera] is always looking for ways to build bridges…She manages people with kindness and a sense of calm.”

Dr. Maria Hubinette

Thank you, Vera, for your dedication to the Department of Family Practice and for keeping people connected!