David Kuhl

Portrait of Dr. David Kuhl

Dr. David Kuhl


Departments of Family Practice and Urologic Sciences
Co-founder of Blueprint, Faculty of Medicine

320-5950 University Boulevard
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z3
778 996-4944

Beginning in 2015 David focussed his work on the health, integrity and well-being of men for the benefit of families and communities.  In that context, along with 2 co-founders (Drs. Duncan Shields and John Izzo) he created a university-based non-profit organization (Blueprint.ngo) that strives, through research, service and influence to impact society by improving men’s well-being and enhancing their positive contributions to families and communities.

Along with his colleagues at Blueprint, David conducts research to develop and evaluate programs, education and training models to transform masculine norms and to reduce negative health outcomes. They collaborate with community partners to reach men and boys where they live, work and play with a focus on families, protective services (firefighters, police, and military), business, and collegiate and professional sports. They adopt a gendered approach to engage men, and work with all members of communities to transform the systems that foster harmful behaviours. Their research, in-person and virtual clinical interventions, and educational program offerings have been successfully adopted by NATO, the NHL Alumni Association, UBC athletics, US Military Academy West Point (football), Stanford University (soccer), BC Professional Fire Fighters Association, etc.

Features of fatherhood are significant to global and public health issues.  Through his research, David seeks to understand the experience of the impact of fathering and that of being fathered, inquiring how fathers’ behaviours, values and norms affect the health, morbidity and mortality of their children.  While David continues to participate in the work and the research pertaining to the areas mentioned above, the Fatherhood Project is David’s primary interest.