Luba Butska

Luba Butska


Midwifery Program
320-5950 University Boulevard, Dept. Family Practice, UBC
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3 Canada


Publications and Presentations

Butska L. “Midwives and Nurses Working Together to Facilitate Physiologic Birth”. Report for the Vancouver Department of Midwifery (BCWH & SPH). January 2021.

Butska, L & Stoll, K. When Midwives Burn Out: Differences in intentions to leave the profession among midwives from British Columbia and Alberta. Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research & Practice. Volume 19 (2020).

Stoll, K & Butska, L. Midwifery and Covid-19 Survey November 2020. Survey and report for the Midwives Association of BC.  Cited by the Canadian PressCBCCTVVancouver SunThe Star/ The Tyee and others.

Luba Butska has a BHSc from Ryerson University’s Midwifery Education Program in Toronto and a PhD in Linguistics from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. She has practiced full scope midwifery since 2007, first in Calgary, Alberta and then in Vancouver, British Columbia. She currently holds Associate privileges at Providence Health (St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver).

Luba has leadership experience in midwifery regulatory and professional bodies, including the Provincial Midwifery Executive at Alberta Health Services, the College of Midwives of Alberta, and the College of Midwives of British Columbia. She is currently a member of the BC College of Nurses and Midwives Professional Practice Standards Committee.

Luba has experience assessing and teaching midwifery competencies as a College assessor, as a preceptor for undergraduate midwives and internationally trained midwives, and as an instructor in undergraduate midwifery programs in Alberta and BC. She was appointed as a full time instructor to the UBC Midwifery Program in 2018 where she now holds an appointment as an Assistant Professor of Teaching.

Since joining UBC, Luba has developed expertise in the nature of midwifery work, advancing knowledge through original research about midwifery working conditions, integration, models of practice, and how maternity care policies and programs impact physiologic birth. Her research explores how the nature of midwifery work impacts not only midwives’ health and wellness but also their clients’ health, wellness, and experiences of birth.

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Midwifery Clients with Complex Care Needs Project