Clinical Faculty Promotion

Clinical faculty promotions are not automatic. A request for promotion is initiated by the clinical faculty member, and/or their Site Director, Regional Associate Dean or Department Head. Clinical faculty promotions are reviewed by the Departmental Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotion Committee (DCFAPC), and if approved recommendations are sent to the Dean who in turn recommends to the President and eventually the Board of Governors. The Committee meets in person or by teleconference in a series of meetings in the Spring and in the Fall. The deadlines for application for promotion are March 30 and September 30.

A full review for purposes of promotion shall normally be held every three years. The candidates must meet all the criteria for the rank they are pursuing. For more information about the promotion process, please see the Department of Family Practice Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotions Committee Terms of Reference.

Documents Required for DCFAPC Review, please click here.